A five-star conversation with your target audience!

Scans, assessments, portals & chat assistants on steroids!

Transmit and listen

Most marketers can broadcast like the best of them. Good marketers realise that listening is more important.
Let your communication be a two-way street. Combine the power of listening with providing focused information, targeted advice and tailored proposals. Turn your interactions into truly engaging conversations at a five-star level.

A scan is available for everyone that visits your web channel. Based on an attractively designed UX/UI with text, images and video where needed, the scan dynamically asks questions, catches and validates answers, and provides on-screen feedback and guidance as well as via e-mail, WhatsApp and SMS. All collected data and generated metrics, insights and calculations are stored in the database, ready to be analyzed and communicated to a CRM or HRM system.

Help your clients, staff, recruits and students to evaluate skills and expertise, and deliver valuable insights for further cooperation and development. Questions and answers are dynamically presented to the assessee by means of an attractively designed UI/UX, with text, images and video where needed. Answers are validated and stored in a database, ready to be analyzed and communicated to and HRM system. Results and guidance are provided on screen or in a report sent via e-mail, WhatsApp or SMS.

A portal combines the capabilities of scans and assessments behind a login capability for selected customers, employees and suppliers. It enables the execution of questionnaires as well as retrieval of answers stored in the database along with data from any other external or internal source. The audit function ensures that all process steps are logged.

Trained on a large language model within the universe we provide, a chat assistant enables a human-like textual conversation, providing answers to questions as well as asking questions back. Chat assistants can be integrated in scans, assessments and portals, combining the power of graphics with a textual experience.

Use cases

Human Digits offers the possibility to provide a “catching conversation” for many different industries and business processes.