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The reason why
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Most marketers can broadcast like the best. Good marketers realize that listening is perhaps even more important. Without the opinion of (potential) customers, suppliers, and employees, marketing becomes a matter of gambling. You don’t want that. You want insight into what those customers, suppliers and employees think, what they need and how then can be served best. You want to collect and analyze data. And you want to give them something right away: advice to think about, or even a concrete proposal that they can start working on right away. But in any case, you don’t want one-way traffic. You want a real conversation. And not just one. You want a five-star conversation! That was the thought that led to the development of what we now call Human Digits. As so often happens, the initial idea was gradually adjusted and expanded so that by now, based on ten configurable modules, we are able to help companies conduct “catching conversations” for an optimal digital engagement.

Human Digits is developed, operated and marketed by M2-D2 B.V.

In the autumn of 2021, a couple of veterans in the IT world put their heads together. They had all made their mark in designing, building and operating web-enabled IT systems at various large organisations, but all felt that their strengths were limited by complex organisational structures, compelling governance processes and strongly financially driven budget cycles. They decided to join forces and create a new company that manages the paradox between creatitivity and control, between working hard, playing hard and having a lot of fun. M2-D2 was born!

Before the company was formally started, they started to hire young talent, ranging from designers, front-enders and back-enders with various backgrounds in technology and customer industries were brought into the company to create an optimal balance between innovation and stability. 2022 Was the first full year of the existence of M2-D2 in which we started to focus on webshops, application programming interfaces, data-driven custom developments, the world of radio stations and NFTs. In 2023, we continued building our webshop expertise and we added capabilities with regard to lead generation for sustainability propositions, questionnaire management using our own -developed humandigits.com, multi-website travel business and we started to work on Yarvin, our AI-enabled chat assistant offering. In 2024, we are confident to continue to show the world what online business is all about!